1.  Office and functional rooms for rent:

Tenants, who are our incubatees, will be incentive to hire office and functional rooms (meeting room, conference room, laboratory,...)  with low fees. Working office is well-equipped with tables, chairs, cabinet, air-conditioners, ventilator...


2.  Training:

HBI usually organizes trainings on basic and specific topics with experienced trainers and experts. Incubatees are supported fees for participating these trainings. Topisc of these trainings:
  • General business administration;
  • Human resource management;
  • Marketing management; trade promotion and market expansion;
  • Financial management and accounting;
  • Technical and product quality management;
  • Training on information technology, foreign language,...  


3.  Consulting:

When incubatees have demands of being consulted for complex issues, HBI will play as a link with professional consultancy providers to effectively meet consulting requirement of incubatees. In these cases, incubatees and service providers will directly come to agreement on service fee.

Consultancy fields: 

  • Law: enterprises establishment formalities, intellectual property, patent property and other legal issues.
  • Finance, accounting: financial statistic synthesis & analysis, project development,...
  • Marketing, market analysis, SWOT analysis...
  • Human resources: recruitment and management...
  • Investment promotion....


4. Office administration:

Based on real demands, incubatees can register to use office services like: reception, secretariat, accounting, interpretation... in order to reduce their expenditure.
  • Reception: HBI provide free of charge reception, document record, common office equipment operation services.
  • Other services: security, cleaning, fire prevention and fighting...
  • Common office equipment: to reduce initial investment spending, incubatees can use common office equipments such as: scanner, printer, fax machine, photocopy machine... 


5. Accommodation, entertainment:
  • Double room: wifi connection, modern facilities (television, air conditioner, heat water,...) with reasonable fee.  
  • Restaurant with capacity of holding 150 people.  
  • Outside canteen  
  • After hard working hours, incubatee staff can enjoy entertainment centers surrounding Hoa Lac hi-tech park like Dong Mo golf, Ao Vua - Khoang Xanh - Suoi tien resort, Ba Vi national forest....
clients Support
1. Transportation:
Lang - Hoa Lac high way is being expanded with 6 lanes and will be finished at the end of 2009. By the time, it will take 20 minutes to travel from Ha Noi to Hoa Lac.
Hoa Lac hi-tech park management board supports Incubator staff and incubatees in daily travel. 

In addition, public transportation from Ha Noi to Hoa Lac is very convenient with every 15 minutes for a time.


2. Telecommunications:
  • Internet: there is an high-speed internet connection for incubatess through local are network (wireless and wire line).
  • Database: access to legal terms, reference document... in the HBI database.
  • HBI provides information about market, latest research result on HBI website in order to create conditions for incubatees to promote commercialization for their product and technology.

3. Consultancy:

At HBI, incubatees will be consulted and technically supported free of charge for the normal situations/cases in field of accounting, market analysis, technology, legal issues, intellectual property, finance (approach to financial sources, national and international development program), product commercialization... Besides, incuabess can be benefit in consulting from partners who have cooperative relationship with HBI.

4. Product commercialization:

HBI will support its incubatess in product commercialization through e-commerce activities, conferences, seminars, fairs where incubatess can join, introduce and advertise about themselves and their product to domestic and international partners.

5. Networking and cooperation:

HBI supports to establish a cooperation network of relevant ministries, research institutes, organizations and individuals working in science and technology field, enterprise association, financial organizations, consulting groups, domestic and international incubator networks such as Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University, VCCI, National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Viettel Corporation, Chinh & Associates Attorneys at Law, InWent, Innovation Partnership Programme, IDG Ventures Vietnam... to create opportunities for incubates to exchange experiment; enhance competitiveness; promote technology transfer; receive foreign investment.

6. Financial approach:

HBI helps incubatees in finding financial resources, enterprise supporting funds, technology transfer supporting funds, venture capital, investment partners such as Dragon Capital, VinaCapital, IDG,


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