HBI introduction
 Hi-tech Business Incubator (HBI) was established under the Decision No 2629/QD- BKHCN dated Dec 29th 2006 signed by the Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, serving as a tool to promote and support technology based start-ups.




  • Creating a favorable conditions to nurture technology-based start-up companies
  • Expanding and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit
  • Promoting linkage between Universities- Research institutes and Businesses
  • Setting a platform for entrepreneurs from universities, research institutes and other  science & technology organizations


 Mission statement:


  • Shorting the gap between research and market
  • Pushing commercialization for research results
  • Forming more advanced technology-based enterprises
  • Enhancing technology transfer and creating a technology innovation movement in enterprises.


Action values:


  • Reducing expenditure
  • Avoiding risks
  • Supplying convenient services
  • Strengthening relationship with partners
  • Promoting access to financial sources


Development periods:


  • From 2007 to 2010:


      -  Implementing activities at small scale at the available infrastructure of Hoalac Hi-Tech Park

      -  Number of incubatees: 20 - 25


  • After 2010:


      -  Implementing activities at large scale at HBI building in the Research and Development (R&D) area, Hoalac Hi-Tech Park         

      -  Number of incubatees (capacity): 100 - 150         

      -  Sustainable development


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