Hi-tech Business Incubator (HBI) is located in the Hall building. The facilities (office, means of communications, accommodation, power and water system…) of the building in general and HBI in particular are well equipped, satisfying demands of enterprises:
1.  Office:
HBI’s building is designed and constructed for office space. Therefore, these systems in the building like lighting, air-conditioner, ventilation, fire regulation…are met the current technical standards. Based on real demand, enterprises can hire different type of office (size, position,...)

2.  Incubation area for individuals, research groups (not yet set up an enterprises):
In HBI, there is a separated area for research groups who just only have initiatives in forming hi-tech enterprises in. These researchers will share the common space not dividing into different room but using bulkhead to create their own working area.

3.  Hall, meeting room:
  • The conference hall with 160m² is designed and constructed for minimum 150 seats. The decoration is professional with supporting equipments such as wireless internet, projector, laptop, lighting and audio system…; can be able to organize international standard conference.

  • Meeting room: with 60m² is designed for minimum 25 seats. Incubatees can use the room for their group working or internal meeting.  

4. Laboratory and trial producing:
When incubatess need more spaces for labs and test producing, HBI cooperates with management board of the Hall building to arrange proper places for incubatees to hire (in order to avoid disturb others working in the building)

5.  Reception:
Reception area is a common space with tables and chairs for rest, receiving visitors, group discussion… 

6.  Technical area:
In technical area, the host computer is installed and connected to Internet with high speed. Through internal network, enterprises can access to Internet, Email, Website, FTP, VoIP, E-Learning, Video Conference…

7. Accommodation and entertainment: 
The Hall building provides services for business like canteen, accommodation and entertainment:  
  • Accommodation rooms are equipped with modern facilities such as; Internet line, television, phone, air conditioner, water heater…  
  • The  restaurant can be used for 150 seats.  
  • Outside canteen
  • Garden


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